Accounts to make your payment through a bank deposit or transfer to Sandra Leticia Talamantes Hernandez.

NOTE: For payments in pesos MXN inside Mexico only:

BANK or Shop/Store  Account or Card Number  Interbank CLABE
Banregio  3009 1854 0010 058 597 0000 0196 123 4
Citibanamex   7014 3105 677 002 164 7014 3105 677 2
Farmacias del Ahorro  5204 1654 1447 8093  N/A

After making your payment, please notify by support ticket or by phone* sending the following information:

Name (and Mexico RFC)
Payment Amount
Bank or shop (see above table)
Authorization Number
Concept of payment (Brief description of what you are paying for)
Date and time of payment
Comment (optional)

* To notify your payment by phone:
Call any of the numbers listed below on this page and leave a voice message with the same information listed above.
When you hear the replay message please dial 106, then you hear another recording and a tone, then record your message and hang up to finish.

This payment notification service is available 24/7.

NOTE: If you require answer to your message, please leave your phone number or any other form of contact and we will contact you within a maximum of 24 hours.

Other Payment Methods:

You can order any of the products or services from the control panel, or if you prefer, you can click and record the amount payable in pesos or dollars, which will take you to the secure server of Paypal to make payment with your credit or debit card to or

If you do not have a card or do not want to use it to make the payment, you can pay anywhere in Mexico through a deposit or transfer to any of the accounts listed below and then notify the payment as indicated below.

If you need help with this, please see the contact information at the bottom of this page and contact us, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Thanks for your preference.